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Solution focused and CBT counselling

Specialising in couple, parent-child and individual relationships in Wokingham, Reading, Woodley, Berkshire.

Berkshire Counselling and Psychotherapy Services specializes in Relationships issues between couples/partners, relationships between parent-child, relationships at work, or relationships with oneself as a Happy and satisfied human being. Amreeta Chapman has been trained as a Psychologist, Solution Focused Counsellor, Psycho-Trauma Counsellor as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been in Psychotherapeutic practice since last ten years.

Clients call for issues such as:

  1. lack of confidence/assertiveness at work/social situations
  2. children’s problems e.g. anger, aggression, non-communication at home.
  3. couples’ issues e.g. anger, jealousy, insecurity, stress in the relationship.
  4. individuals coping with sexual abuse, history of child abuse, domestic violence, pattern of failed relationships etc…

Each one of us seeks a clearer mind, a deeper sense of happiness/peace and ease with oneself and assertiveness and love in dealing with others. But an overly-increasing number of people are finding these qualities eluding them at some point in their lives. They suffer from depression, panic attacks, phobias, anger/aggression, anxieties, low self-esteem, bereavement/loss as well as they may have suffered deep traumas of sexual. domestic or child abuse.

Often these issues reach a level of non-functionality when we find ourselves in a new job having to deal with inter-relations which ask for assertiveness skills or having to deal with large groups/presentation where we find our lack of confidence or that inner nagging/critical voice interfere with our capacity to retain our calm.

I have men and women who call for help with anger, depression or low self-esteem when they find themselves in yet another relationship where their anger or lack of assertiveness is creating the same pattern of abuse (emotional/mental or even physical) or else they are finding their communications skills lacking or else their lack of self-belief is expressing itself into paranoid jealousy or overly-critical attitude to the partner.

Parents call when their children are being restigated from school for bad behaviour or else anxiety tendencies; children are referred by G.P. surgeries for lack of sleep, fears, low self-confidence which often has a relationship to the family dynamics an as a counselor/psychotherapist my job is to help parents and children repair their dysfunctional line of emotional and mental communications so that they do not need misbehaviors to get that attention or that listening ear!

There are people around you who are functioning well in their jobs and social lives but they know that their feelings and thoughts are getting too much to handle ane cope with on their own. Families and friends can help to some extent but there are deeper issues that may in fact trouble relationships if discussed or create feelings of guilt or blame. So clients prefer the safety of a therapeutic space where they can explore those distressing or annoying feelings and thoughts, which sometimes are identifiable but sometimes seem to catch them unawares, especially at am important juncture of life, e.g. marriage, moving in with a partner, change of job, promotion at work or moving closer in a relationship.

Counselling and Psychotherapy have been helping people with their emotional and mental issues for years now and every new therapeutic model is often just a re-adaptation of the old models e.g. psychoanalysis, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Behaviourism and humanistic models which have been around for more than a hundred years now.

Counselling and Psychotherapy for relationship issues is rapid and efficient and yet happens in a very therapeutic and relaxing environment because we will working in a solution focused way; we have clear goals to reach within a time limit as businesses and relationships in trouble cannot afford long years of therapy and exploration. As a solution oriented Therapist in Reading, Wokingham, Windsor and Bracknell my aim is to help the client with understanding their muddled feelings/thoughts/relationships state and then move towards a state of owning and learning skills to start relating with himself-herself as well as the others in a much more healthy, assertive and interactional way.

Amreeta, as your Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Psychologist is a Full Member of the BACP and abides by its code of ethics and offer Counselling and Psychotherapy in Reading, Wokingham, Woodley and Bracknell on different days/times where she offers a safe, therapeutic environment where people feeling very distressed and confused can explore their own mind and emotions and find answer to their questions regarding their issues. For example, people suffering from depression, panic attacks, phobias, low self-esteem, anger, bereavement/loss, sexual problems or abuse and other such issues that seem to be taking over their lives and work will call for counselling. They have tried different ways to solve their anxiety, anger or symptomatic behaviours and over time have found themselves becoming more helpless and hopeless about resolving the symptoms, thus they turn to counselling as a place where they can work on those symptoms with a professional.

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