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Parent and Child Relationships:
sometimes love is not enough.

Children are very naturally prone to be thriving and gregarious beings with a need to explore, grow and communicate. Unfortunately their life experiences or environment can often affects these natural tendencies and even after their environment has changed parents find that their children have been affected more deeply than they thought. Often school is the best place for children's issues to come to the front as they spend long hours where their communications, confidence and assertiveness skills are being put to test by the school environment.

Parents call me when their children are suffering from:

  1. anger/aggression issues
  2. shyness/anxiety at school
  3. food issues e.g. eating disorders or eating fears
  4. sickness phobias
  5. fear of darkness/heights/closed spaces
  6. lack of confidence/assertiveness issues
  7. lack of self-belief that results in exams fears
  8. social fears
  9. suicidal talks/thoughts or self-harming
  10. lack of communication at home
  11. Nail biting, hitting siblings or other 'acting out' behaviours.
  12. Effects of divorce/death/bereavement in the family.
Although most of the time I will be working with the child/Adolescent there will often be a relationship between the child's behaviour/problem and family patterns or dynamics or past. I have had to work with parents (single [parent or both of them) to talk about anger management in the parents, assertiveness skills/.clear boundaries or else clear communications as parents.

I always inform parents when they are bringing their child to me for therapy in Reading, Wokingham, Windsor and Bracknell that I may need to see them as well and it is understood that I am working with the whole family in a way.

My role is to clear the avenues of communications for the child/adolescents because often they will agree that their biggest issues are incapacity to communicate clearly and a confused feeling of whether they are really being listened to. Often these muddled feelings are too much for young minds and results in a lot of 'acting out' behaviours!

Over eight-ten sessions the child/adolescent/family is helped to understand, clarify as well as learn new skills at maintaining their relationships. If a child is feeling respected, secure, listened to and can feel himself/herself confident and able to communicate there is usually no need for any 'acting out' behaviour is there?

Amreeta is trained as a Psychologist/Counsellor and belongs to the BACP as an associate member working towards full membership; but she is also trained as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner; she believes that her Psychology training helps her to understand people a deeper level and provide the therapeutic support they need to enjoy their love relationship or marriage, but her training as Hypnotherapist gives her additional tools to help clients implement new, efficient techniques into their future lives. It is one thing to understand the origins of our pain and symptoms but often clients find that even after understanding they do not necessarily know a better way of functioning and the mind falls into the same old belief or behaviour system.

For more information or questions regarding your specific issue for your child/adolescent call Amreeta on 0118 926 9978 or 0786 129 3634. You can also email her your questions by clicking here. Please note that she may be with clients so do leave a message as she aims to answer you within two to three hours. Amreeta understands you are making a huge step ahead by contacting her and she will definitely answer you by call or mail whichever you prefer!

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