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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Solution-focused Counselling/Psychotherapy?
Clients/patients come for counseling or psychotherapy usually when Psychological and emotional symptoms have started affecting their daily lives to such extent that they cannot carry on as they are at the moment. They may have lived with symptoms such as: Sleeplessness, migraines, sadness, a feeling of meaningless, anxiety, phobia of situations or objects, Panic sensations or constant losses of (loved ones, divorce, several failed affairs etc…) for years and then find that their emotional and mental ability to carry on living with these symptoms are being affected too much after a while.

For example, a man who has been overworking for his family for years cannot understand why for the past two years he has not been able to sit and watch a movie with his children. He may call complaining that he suffers with feelings of irritation, migraine or anger outbursts that he cannot understand and which his G.P calls stress. So he is advised to seek counseling or Psychotherapy for his symptoms that medications can diminish but not help completely with.

But a client may be looking for a more solution-focused, intensive but efficient way of gaining control of his symptoms and develop a better relationship at home and at work. Counselling/Psychotherapy offers a safe and very empowering environment because it helps you to control that nagging, critical, emotional brain that seems to be playing a huge role in your relationship despite your logical brain knowing the response you have in your relationship is not the right one!!

Why choose Solution focused Counselling/Psychotherapy?
There are so many types of therapies today that clients are always confused but the advice is to read carefully and only go for the type of therapy that makes sense to you. Some people wish to work mostly on the symptoms and may go for NLP or massage or even Hypnotherapy which are short term and symptom focused and provide no space for exploration of deeper feelings and thought patterns.

But there are people who have a deeper need to understand and explore the deeper potential behind the symptoms; so it is not only important to lose the phobia of heights for example but it is also important to address the issue behind that phobia which might have been a fear of independence/freedom. We have to remember that symptoms are there for a reason and removing the symptoms often helps in the short term but in the long run the mind only finds another symptom to resurface with the same deeper need or issue.

Solution Focused Counselling/Psychotherapy will help you define clear goals that you are wishing to reach in your marriage or work situation as well as learn new skills of communications in your couple, parent-child relationship or social communications.

Amreeta is trained not only as a Psychologist/Psychotherapist but also as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner; she believes that her Psychology training helps her to understand people a deeper level and provide the therapeutic support they need to enjoy their love relationship or marriage, but her training as Hypnotherapist gives her additional tools to help clients implement new, efficient techniques into their future lives. It is one thing to understand the origins of our pain and symptoms but often clients find that even after understanding they do not necessarily know a better way of functioning and the mind falls into the same old belief or behaviour system.

How many sessions are we talking about and what about costs involved?
Solution Focused Counselling/Psychotherapy on average takes about eight to ten sessions but every couple, family is different and some clients reach their goals in eight sessions while other clients will take up to twelve for similar symptoms which is why I suggest to clients to budget for an average of ten sessions! Each session cost £40 when I am working with an individual and £50 when I am working with a couple or family. There is facility of payment as well as a sliding scale of fees for students and people on income support. Some clients will come on their own as the wife/husband, refer their adolescent child because he/she is showing symptoms, or come together as couples or families. Over the eight to ten sessions we will define a plan of work which is agreeable to you the client; when partners are willing to come in the sessions they will be helped with their own issues but the sessions can be done jointly or individually.

What is the actual format of your sessions?
Usually I’ll allow one hour and half for the first session as I offer free consultation on the phone but not face to face for the simple reason that I am very busy with clients during the day and evenings!!

So you can ask as many questions and as many times on the phone where I call you at a convenient time decided by us both. Then we start the sessions and the first session’s length allows for a full case history and then therapy carries on. Thereafter the sessions are for an hour. But the cost is standard at £40 per session payable by cheque or cash because cards delay my sessions as I move from one appointment to the other!

I will see clients on a weekly basis for the first month and then after that every two weeks but this may change depending on the severity of symptoms or existing resources within clients.

Some clients prefer weekly appointments and others prefer a bit of space to reflect but the best option is building rapport and developing a therapeutic structure with the client and agreeing on the best alternatives for each and every client because each client is complete with a unique set of emotions and thoughts patterns which has to be respected and addressed at the client’s pace.

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